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How does it work?



You must register to buy or sell at 5eurohopper.nl. Registration is free!  The amount of the sale when a Hopper is successfully sold will be credited to your account balance minus 20% service charges.

€ 5.00  sale are € 4.00 credited to your PayPal account

€ 10.00  sale are € 8.00 credited to your PayPal account

€ 15.00  sale are € 12.00  credited to your PayPal account

€ 20.00  sale  are € 16.00 credited to your PayPal account


ALL SALES ARE FINAL. 5eurohopper will no canceled orders for payments to reimburse PayPal. Refunds are made to the account of the buyer and are made available for future purchases at 5eurohopper. Buyers can not request refund  after receiving the ordered service unless the service was not as promised. Ordering an illegal service may result in that the seller and buyer are liable for any legal problems that occur as a result of the transaction. Seller and buyers identity is always anonymous. To protect the anonymity of our users, providing e-mail addresses, Skype / IM usernames or other personal contact is prohibited. All communications, information and file exchange of data should only be carried out using 5eurohoppers messages and communications.

Qant to know more?

Click on the image if you watched it for the detailed instructions and tips to successfully sell on 5eurohopper.

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