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Why 5eurohopper?

You may wonder why you would want to use a service like 5eurohopper, to begin generating revenue. Of course, the whole basis behind this concept that will sell service to others and are willing to do that for only € 5 per "Hopper". In reality, a number of things you want to offer seem worth more than € 5 at times, but the marketing model is designed to provide an affordable service that makes it easier for customers to make a purchase. If you think about it, € 5 is the perfect price for different types of services, and even some forms of physical products that are cheap to send.

And you also will get to sell your customers. It is always a good idea to try to find the products or services that you can offer for € 5 per Hopper. Interest in the 5eurohopper website will greatly increase as more and more people have discovered the purchasing power of only € 5 on 5eurohopper. The 5eurohopper website service is 100% free so you do need not worry about having monthly service or subscription fee to be part of such a large community of buyers. However, you will only receive € 4 profit on each sale as a seller. The large amount of traffic will help you to the site to meet different market for your products or services.

All experiences on the site are uncontrollable by the seller. This means that for every positive feedback you receive will give you a positive review on your Hopper. This also means that the amount of negative feedback scores you get may be reduced by providing a superior service or product and deliver within the agreed time. Since 5eurohopper is a great place to sell, get yours expects you really the truest and fairest possible way you do your business on the site. Make sure that you always stick to the rules and regulations of 5eurohopper as well as the Terms and Conditions of 5eurohopper !. Never try to scam or with scams to offer products or services and expect people to just give money. 5eurohopper can and will permanently block the safety and protection of you and our other users to your account and withheld payments!

Set your 5eurohopper Account

Create an account 5eurohopper two ways.
The first method is by connecting with Facebook Connect. This feature makes it possible to create an account with the aid of an existing Facebook account.
You must choose a username and enter a valid email address and agree to the terms of service for the account.
Then you will be able to Hopping along with the information you have provided. Once the 5eurohopper website verified your choice of username and email, your account will be created.

If 2nd alternative, creating an account is very similar to Facebook and will require that you provide an email address, a username and a password.
Once you agree to the terms of service and a simple arithmetic problem solves to prove that you are a man, you can click on the "Join" button to create your account.

The website verify the information you have provided, and will create your new account 5eurohopper. Check your email (which you used to create the account) to click on the confirmation link to complete the account creation. If you do not do your account will be limited to the activation is complete. Make sure when you create your account 5eurohopper:

• You choose a username that is relevant to your products and services. If you have a popular username on other social media platforms, like Twitter for example, can help it because your Twitter followers you Hoppers will see 5eurohopper. This is very important because it can help to understand your customers what your hopper content. Of course you can choose any type of business user or even a favorite user name you use on other sites, but it makes it easier to find what you offer if relevance is in your username. Try to be as professional as possible with your user while remaining friendly and inviting.

• Find a nice picture for your profile avatar. One of the things that you want to show to your customers
is that you have a "face" to your Hopper. You can use a picture of yourself or a picture that represents what you do on 5eurohopper. Coincidentally offer some 5eurohopper sellers, shoppers where they make drawings or images of your portrait, which can be used on 5eurohopper.

• Fill your 5eurohopper profile page. This is something that is very important to add to your profile photo you've uploaded. Make sure you take the time to at least a few sentences about yourself or your business and what you intend to offer to write 5eurohopper. This will basically appear that you have put in more time than just creating the account and fill in what you offer!

• Compare Hoppers related to what you are planning to offer. To understand whether or not offering a unique service to the people on the 5eurohopper platform.

Selling on 5eurohopper

What can you sell on 5eurohopper?
Selling on 5eurohopper is not something that meant is hard to do about it. The first thing you need to do is figure out what you want to sell on 5eurohopper for only € 5. There is a very large selection of things to choose from and you can be as original as you want with your favorite products and services to be offered. Keep in mind that you want something that is not necessarily difficult to produce and deliver and on what can be completed with your deadline to sell to your customers within a short time frame. It is quite possible to produce and distribute something very simple without it costing you a large investment in time or money. You want Hoppers you actually can immediately start it from the beginning, if someone puts you who can offer an immediate order.


Hoppers are basically tasks or tasks that you can perform and that you offer to your customers. They may even be semi-automatic to the point where the only thing you need to do is to get moving to get the ball rolling for what is required to complete. Some simple Hopper ideas are things like posting tweets on Twitter about a product of a large number of followers, sharing links with thousands of Facebook friends, or sending a certain amount of traffic to a website. These are basically semi-automatic and require very little work apart from what has already been done to acquire a large audience exposure. Not automated services are basically things you can do to take some time. They can be anything from reviews, testimonials, phone calls, voice-over work, design concepts and other creative services.
You may also be interested in the type of "entertainment" services as a selling point. Some simple examples are sales of videos you create yourself with your craziest faces to promote a website or making funny photos with image editing software.

You can even sell chat online by a certain time to spend with someone. Professional services are also not out of the norm on 5eurohopper and can range from selling SEO services, programming skills, writing or creating content and even drawing or illustration work. Offering advice or consultation services is a professional service, but can be offered on a non-professional level 5eurohopper. If you decide to sell services, it is important to understand that the ability to complete tasks in a timely manner not only the preference must plan, but it will also help to get positive feedback from your buyers. The sooner they get what they ordered from you, the sooner they can be impressed and provide excellent positive feedback for Hopper.


The other part of 5eurohopper is that products sold for 5. The items must be delivered to the buyer that will require that you are able to do so. Offers for products shall be such that they are delivered to customers after they've made their purchase. You can take care of physical products that should be sent to the buyer once they have ordered your Hopper. This can be anything from crafts, books, toys, cards, postcards, drawings, art and everything else you could think of a product that is worth for € 5. Digital items are allowed to be sold 5eurohopper . These are things such as e-books, reports, PDF-formatted documents, mini-ebooks, software, etc. Basically everything you own and legally can and can spread through e-mail or a download link. These types of digital items are usually made in advance and can be delivered to the buyer within a few minutes after making a purchase.

Offers examples

How to Create a Profitable Niche 5eurohopper?
Of course you want to know what to do now and start earning some money. The best course of action you could take is to conduct an investigation into a number of hoppers that already exist. If you have an idea of what you want to do with your Hopper, you're just looking for some of those ideas with "search your Hopper here." This way you will be presented with results of similar hoppers that you could see and learn about what others zoal offer.

For example, viewing a specific hopper, you can read feedback from customers who have made purchases from specific Hopper. Your research will help you understand whether a particular type of niche is profitable based on the popularity of the Hoppers and how many sales they have made. You see Hoppers with the number of buyers, for example, options will look closely at his. Any specific existing Hopper you decide to watch will be able to provide you with information on the number of orders in the queue and how many positive and negative feedback were received for the specific product or service. The wait time should also be noted for the popular Hoppers if you want to see how much time they put aside to get the job done so that you can adapt for example by providing faster here than the competitor.

While some 5eurohopper vendors only have a waiting time of 24 hours, you will find that more and more hoppers periods of waiting for passing over a week. This is a good idea, especially if the hopper is very popular and as several sales that they get in the queue. It is a good idea to look at Hoppers, which is easy to plan, to prepare and to carry out its in order to make the best profit. Take the example of a hopper that you could perform and be able to bring only discuss a few minutes of work to earn € 4 profit (after € 1 5eurohopper transaction). Hopper could be: "I will for € 5: create a 60 second video of me giving promote your website! You need only some basic needs of the buyer, such as the nature of the website, the website address and basically everything that the buyer would want you to tell about their website. Once that is done, you can control what you want to say in the video in the order you want, read it over and try to create the video within a 60 second time period. There is almost no skill to make such a promotion and it is not impossible to find buyers for this type of Hoppers. It is more likely that this type of Hoppers gets a lot of traffic because:

A. They are interpersonal and gives the website promoted positive feedback and testimonials.

B. There is always created new websites traffic and videos like that can create more traffic.

The fine it is that you have just spent a few minutes making a video, but it took a little time. Some 5eurohopper vendors integrate some sort of gimmick in their videos makes them stand out more than others Hopper Offers. You can also do as you like and then you can show off a skill that will otherwise have limited exposure. There are hundreds of hoppers you can find what is easy to do and only take a few minutes. By taking the time to investigate these types of hoppers can easily find ideas and be inspired about what you could offer.

5eurohopper ideas to get you started

If you need ideas to start, then this is what you should do. You'll want to create things that can make a personal list and can offer as a service on 5eurohopper. Think about your skills as a writer. Can you write? Become a copywriter for content creation. Sell your services as a writer. If you know how to work with photo editing software, such as Photoshop, you can edit to provide other images or optimization. If you know how to use content management systems like WordPress, you can handle, you can offer your services to help set up WordPress sites. Basically, anything you can do, you can sell as a Hopper. Hopper ideas to offer are: • • • • Product or Service reviews Video Testimonials article writing inventories, stock photos take Sending a telegram telephone, send a postcard from your location, sending a letter. Another thing you can possibly do as a service.
Perhaps you lessons for musical instruments that you offer to master. If you have a blog you can write a review for new products. Maybe you like to sing a talent. You're good at something, try it than to use your Hopper. This is especially useful if you work with pleasure while making your Hoppers, so you are getting more fun by doing what you like and do it again for others. The possibilities are endless, and as long as you are prepared for anything
to find where you are good at you € 5 Hoppers continue to offer to your customers.

Create dazzling Hoppers

Creating a Hopper is simple and you have to use some formatting tricks to make the most of your offers. To create a Hopper, you only need to click on the button "Add a new Forwarder which you can find at the top of the menu bar. Choose a relevant title, write the description in the text box and choose the category, write the special instructions to the buyer, enter keywords and the time it will take to complete your order, choose an image for your Hopper.

Use high-quality images for your Hoppers

The best thing you could do to increase you sell your Hoppers to your audience is to use a photo of a high quality. Hoppers with very simple or poor quality images come about if the seller was too lazy to spend time creating the Hopper so talking about will come when the supplier is also going to be lazy by not taking the time to place the order with the best to complete their commitment. If your Hopper can not be displayed in an easy way, try using imagery that describes your Hopper. For example, offering a similar service, please take a photo of a piece of paper with some text on the page, such as "Professional writing services" or something similar. As long as you know how to catch the eyes of the buyers of your image you get traffic to your Hoppers.

Use the right keywords

Of course, you can more or less know that people will find Hoppers based searches. It is important to use the right keywords to be buyers who would like to hand over € 5 found. You can put two places where your keywords in the title of your Hopper and as tags to describe the Hopper. For example, offering a video logo, you want to have in your title the word "logo" as "I will be € 5 for a 30 second video with your logo." The key helps the user find Hopper. The tags are used to provide alternatives to "logo", so that people can find when they use different keywords. Options include "recommendation", "assessment" and "promotion". If buyers use these terms in this way they can find your "video logo" Forwarder.

Clear title and description.

You want your title and description for your Hopper's be as clear as possible. You want your buyers understand what they buy from you and what their capabilities. If you have given your buyer need more information than the buyer in the box instructions. Tell them what you can and can not so they do not buy your order while you can not provide what they need.

Set a realistic delivery time!

You want your customers to tell that something that normally takes a week, there is need for only one day to finish it off. Even if you offer something that only takes a few minutes, it is important to give yourself a realistic amount of time to deliver. You never know when something might happen that led educate you suffering some delays that will result in negative feedback that buyers leave for failure to deliver within your specified delivery time.

Provide clear instructions for Buyers

The clearer provide your instructions to the buyer, the faster they can provide all the information you need so you can complete your order on time. All the information on the subject of an article, the size of a bracelet, a reference image to be used for a drawing, the name of the person you sings, etc., it is important to have. All this information is important for your hoppers that require this information so you can get the job done. It is also important for the buyer to give these instructions immediately so that the seller no longer has to be discussed by unnecessary messages with the buyer.

Create a video for your own Hopper

It is completely optional to create a video for your hopper, but certainly more views that way .. Videos are often given a very good example of what your skills are and serves as an example of your work, especially if it comes to performing it. Use video to your hopper to benefit from increased Hopper offers display and make potential sales by persuading buyers to your videos.

5eurohopper Traffic

Getting traffic to your Hoppers is essential to get buyers. You have to spend a penny to get around the word go about your Hoppers With a few easy-to-use traffic options.

social Media

Social media is something that is used by hundreds of millions of people and can produce a large amount of traffic based on the way you work with these systems. Facebook is perhaps one of the most popular social media websites at present. Everyone and their mother even probably have a Facebook account, and they are constantly sharing interesting things they find online. Chances are that you have a Facebook account or know someone who has one who wants to be the word out about your Hopper. If not, you can create one and start making contacts with people you already know and even total strangers. By placing links to your Hopper on the Facebook page, you can even get thousands of views on the same day. Twitter is another social media giant with more than 300,000 tweeted messages every hour in peak hours (and growing). With millions of users, Twitter is an easy way to get out the word about your Hopper. Make sure the hash tags # # 5eurohopper € 5 to use #goedkoop and other related terms in combination with an optimized link to your Hopper offer. The more followers you have, the faster you can spread the word.


Many forum websites specialize and engage in various kinds of subjects. Hopper If your offer is related to such a forum, it makes sense to include links to your Hopper on such forums to post. Take advantage of forums that have large amounts of traffic and users to get the best opportunity for traffic to and showing your Hopper.

free Classified ads

Apart from Marketplace, there are several free online advertising services available where you could place your Hopper. They will place the ad and you just need to wait for the traffic. It is not guaranteed that you will get traffic, but you can always try and that will help in the long run. Keep advertisements concise and to the point and forget the link to your Hopper not.

build reputation

Never get negative feedback. That's not a suggestion, it's something that you need to strive for and to ensure that those who see your Hoppers understand that you are serious about what you have to offer and are willing to do your job well. Offer 100% satisfaction and adjust your Hopper until your customer is satisfied. This will help to provide a better experience for your customers and make sure that your feedback score remains impeccable. The only time you can not do this, if the buyer is totally unreasonable. Always be polite and professional with clients and take the time to answer all the questions that may come. Be sure to ask for comment and feedback before the customer will give their final assessment of your service or product. This will help to prevent negative review by providing a way to resolve problems .. never Deliver your services or products too late. If you still would ever happen, try to always compensate for the delay by offering a bonus or other perks for Hopper you have completed too late.

Beat Your Competition

If you really want the fame, offer more than what your competitors offer. This will make your service more beneficial and cost effective for the buyer. End your Hoppers in a shorter period. If you're faster than your competitors, you will be seen as a more reliable source and you can so easily get customers from your competition, and for good reason.

Increase visibility - Make More Hoppers

If you want to be seen, you have to be visible. To increase the visibility you need to spend regular new hoppers and stay informed of the offers because it offers change or new ones join. Your Truck get namely pushed down on the list as new hoppers are made. You can also find links to related Hoppers places in your new Hopper and there is an automatically generated "more hoppers of seller" at the bottom of your new Hopper offers.

Place your Hoppers as Featured (extra striking)

Featured Hoppers are the first results in their category
An important point is to be a celebrity 5eurohopper to let stand out your Hoppers. (Featured) This requires a fair amount of work and can be achieved by:

• Original are offering a very unique service or product. If you're one of the only people with what you offer in a particular sale of a product or service, you will get more traffic and more sales.

• Having a fast turnaround of your orders is an important part of getting the Featured tab. The faster you handle your orders better looks Hopper your and your customers will be delighted. 100% positive feedback from your customer is required to be marked as Featured. Even if it is necessary to make some adjustments as customer service to repair your feedback, do it to be marked "featured". Even if the customer is unreasonable, you can also offer a refund in exchange for a positive feedback rating. Get more sales is really a key to
are recommended as Featured. Take advantage of everything you can to make more sales and get the positive feedback that is needed in order to make your Hopper Featured.

Double Your Profits

You want, of course, want to earn more money with your Hoppers and less work and more are on hand when you sell. This is possible with the most Hoppers with a few simple profit expansion techniques.

Buy low and sell high - Outsourcing

Outsourcing is definitely one of the best ways to increase your profits. Let's say for example that you are providing a service to a website by giving 1,000 views. Of course you can take the time to do it yourself and then € 4 received as compensation yourself. On the other hand, you can Hopper offering views for 5000 to find a website for € 4. By gaining the use of this service with 1,000 views on a site, with another 4,000 on four other sites, you have the option of € 4 to bet € 20 with simple outsourcing. This is possible with all sorts of things including physical products. For example, making handcrafted jewelry, you may be able to find a source that sells them for cheap per box or cargo and then sell a € 2 jewel for € 5. Slowly but surely you will profit from your efforts in outsourcing.

Change your offer after you have been given more reviews

Once you've gotten a lot of positive reactions for a specific Hopper, you can try to change the Hopper instance by offering less for the same price or the same thing for a bigger prize. The feedback you've received will remain on your Hopper, and you are simply less work for the same amount of money. The feedback helps to convince buyers that the service is good, even if they get less than what previous buyers have received in the past.

Offer as "Express"

If you add buyers can choose Express to pay extra so that their order will be immediately completed faster with priority on waiting orders. This is an easy way to get a bit more and still do the same job.

Make More Hoppers

The halo effect is something that is good for you Hoppers. Hoppers The more you make the more views you receive. Not only for your new hoppers, but also to your existing hoppers. This offers many more opportunities for more sales, which in turn, will double your winnings.

Offer outsourcing services to 5eurohopper

You can even use 5eurohopper to purchase hoppers of other vendors as an outsourcing operation. You can sell items you have purchased on making 5eurohopper for € 20 and € 15 profit. This is all dependent on what you want to outsource to achieve your profit.

Expand your business

Maybe you want to expand outside 5eurohopper. It is important to branch to get to where you can make more money and get a better reward for your services

Offer your services elsewhere using your reviews of 5eurohopper.

Once you've gotten a lot of feedback on your Hoppers can be used as proof of the quality of your work. Even though your 5eurohopper feedback from individuals, yet you can prove to others that you have a good quality work provides you really should ask for more.

Offer your services elsewhere using your reviews of 5eurohopper.

Zodra u een grote hoeveelheid feedback heeft gekregen op uw Hoppers kunt u die gebruiken als bewijs van de kwaliteit van uw werk. Ook al is uw 5eurohopper feedback van particulieren ,toch kunt u bewijzen aan anderen dat u een goede kwaliteit werk levert waar u eigenlijk meer voor zou moeten vragen.

Capturing Leads

If you want to use leads than 5eurohopper to introduce people to head departments. For € 5 you can use 5eurohopper to offer a small service for which you would normally get paid more for. Once the hopper is served to a potential customer, you can discuss arrangements for a larger order your full services.
Add a bonus to to contact you. Bid bonus items or services for contacting you to take over the services which 5eurohopper, especially if they were referred from your 5eurohopper profile or one of your Hopper offers ... This is a great way for a good relationship with customers to building.

Follow send messages

The buyer may have to say something new and they can offer extensive testimonials you on your websites or in other locations where you can use planning to expand.

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